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Sincere Appreciation of your Underwear

Crunch Fitness has launched a terrific campaign to get their members enjoying their bodies, including these events. Creativity's Print & Design E-mail newsletter shares the details below. Authenticity, customer participation, and community spirit all come together. Talk about integrated marketing!

Link: Creativity's Print&Design E-mail from 5-26-2005

According to Crunch, "a survey from Psychology Today found that more than half of men and 75 percent of women are dissatisfied with their bodies. This campaign asks prospective members to come to the gym on their own terms without any fear of judgments." Well, either that "No Judgments" concept is for real, or they got the 25 percent of women and the 50 percent of men who are willing to be seen on a billboard in what might be considered compromising attire.

A casting call was posted online and in Crunch's New York gym locations, explains CD Jill Twardowski of the in-house work. "It was amazing how many people wanted to bare it all for our brand." Well, most of it, at least. "It was so great to work with people who are genuinely excited to be part of our message. We had a blast at the photo shoot, and I think the enthusiasm is evident in the photos." In addition to print and outdoor, street teams are roaming the city handing out branded underwear and inviting the public to pose with underwear-clad models, the photos to be posted on the web at

Moreover, Crunch is offering to waive initiation fees for anyone who brings a pair of new underwear to the gym, the clothing to be donated to Undershare, a nonprofit dedicated to providing underwear to the needy. Really. See