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A Bad Attitude toward Business Magazines

Fast Company magazine is up for sale and may be shut down. This NY Times article linked below (registration required, free only for a week) paints a bleak future not only for Fast Company, but for all business magazines. David Carr says there's no longer any 'general interest' in business, and the major advertisers for the category are all flocking to the web now.

After the recession and all the scandals, it's hard to blame people for having a negative attitude toward business. Unfortunately, economic conditions are pushing more and more people toward becoming more self sufficient in their careers. People love to make fun of the Tom Peters "Brand Called You" article, but the pressure on people to market themselves has never been higher.

Fast Company may go away, the need to find a healthy relationship between personal aspirations and business opportunities will never go away.

Bad Business for Magazines About Business - New York Times by David Carr

Fast Company may be imprisoned by a rhetorical set that cannot be used without inviting derision - spare change agents, anyone? - but the big three business magazines employ some of the best journalists in the business; it was Fortune that first revealed the Enron house of mirrors. But the general interest business magazine continues to suffer long after the correction because there is no longer general interest in business. And even as journalists write and edit articles about a creeping economic recovery, they stare at their own bottom lines and see no evidence of the same.