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Pulling Together a Customer-Made Trend

This month the email newsletter Trendwatching has pulled together dozens of examples of greater customer involvement in the producing and marketing of the products they use. Many of their examples were previously sighted here, but pulled together with so many pictures and parallel examples, the trend is just stunning--and stimulating.

Link: TRENDWATCHING.COM Newsletter | May 2005.

What better way to become part of this trend than to learn from companies who already have embarked on a quest to become co-creators instead of obsolete DIY-ers? Please study the following new CUSTOMER-MADE examples (spanning the B2C spectrum from potato-chips to cars, and the globe from Brazil to Sweden), followed by a number of new CUSTOMER-MADE learnings. For your convenience, we're introducing five broad CUSTOMER-MADE categories: Consumer Marketers, Expert Outsiders, Amateur Outsiders, Remix Culture and User Generated Content 2.0.