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Over at MediaPost, Gavin O'Malley has a good interview with Neil Budde, the new news director at Yahoo! and founder of Wall St. Journal Online. In an earliest post, I noted that many of us are now looking for editorial filters to help us deal with a deluge of available information. Yahoo seems to be on top of that.

Link: MediaPost: Yahoo Emerges as a News Packager (reg required)

Yahoo! has no reporters, but between 10 and 20 editorial staffers who are responsible for monitoring and repackaging much of the news content that Yahoo!'s automated system brings in.

Another new feature that Budde has great hope for is "My Sources," which allows readers to act as their own editors, tying other news feeds from around the Web into their regular content consumption via RSS. "Online news consumption will continue to evolve in a combination of aggregation and editorial content," Budde said. "We want to give users a compelling new package with all the ready recourses to control their consumption."