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What Comes After the Yellow Pages

Last month I observed that the new 'picture of the block' visuals for A9 was a welcome and innovative addition to our shopping options. Looks like there are more coming our way. I'm going to start frequenting A9 for ideas as well as purchases.

Link: Questions for Amazon.com's Barnaby Dorfman, VP of A9 via Zachary Rodgers at ClickZ

Q.How can small businesses use A9's yellow pages and the visual detail pages? A.We're encouraging businesses to provide information to us. The yellow pages industry has a problem of data becoming stale. We've created an interface that allows businesses to visit the site and update that information directly on the site. In addition to making changes, they can add a link to their site. Businesses can also upload their own images, pictures of the menu, marketing collateral, whatever they want. With the click-to-call service, consumers can either talk using their PC or we can do a third party call. It's all about reducing the friction.

Q.What do you see as the value to consumers of the visual component? A.Through these images you can see the parking situation. You can see adjacent businesses. You can even read the signs in many cases. I live in California but grew up on Upper West Side. It's fun to look at the butchers in the old neighborhood. It gives you this palpable sense of nostalgia. We believe the 47 million customers who shopped with us in the last 12 months will find value in this.