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Shifting Innovation from Technology to Sociology

Over at the Acceleration Studies Foundation, John Smart has an intriguing review and analysis of recent studies which say the rate of innovation, especially in the U.S. is slowing. John calls this apparent trend, which is primarily based on studying patents and obvious and technological inventions, 'innovation saturation.' But I agree as he points out that we may be reaching the limits of human physical needs, at least from the point of view of technical solutions.

I love his comparison of humans to pervasive house plants. Taking care of their physical needs is no longer a technical or mysterious challenge. I think that innovators of the future are going to be much more challenged and intrigued by social, economic and management issues. We have the technology to feed the world, we just haven't innovated the social and economic structure to apply that technology. But we hope it's a matter of 'accelerating times.' Subscribe to his newsletter.