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I don't read much celebrity news. (I swear, I only look at the fashion photos in PEOPLE.) But I recommend you read this interview with Carmen Diaz about her new show Trippin'. It will warm your heart. And maybe give you an idea of how to make a difference...

Link: The New York Times > Arts > Television > Eco-Lessons Taught in a Surfer-Girl Patois by Ned Martel

"If Cameron Diaz wants to make television with you, it's pretty much an instant yes right there," said Brian Graden, president of programming at MTV. "With our audience, she's huge. But she is also very real and earthy and genuine. That tends to work on television." ..."Trippin" doesn't further Ms. Diaz's fame so much as leverage it for a cause. Asked what specific events led her to eco-commitment, she said: "Nothing, dude. Life! Life! Breathing the air and drinking the water and seeing people be apathetic." She has interrupted her film career to set "Trippin" in motion. "I didn't want to really start asking people for their money," she said.... "You let people live the way they do," she said. "Then everyone starts doing things a little bit different if they have an example."