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No Charity but Investment in Barefoot Entrepreneurs

Today at Lunch Sparks, Doug said he's on his way overseas to help with micro enterprise development. What a wonderful trend--perhaps the social innovation that will eventually help the world to feed itself.

Times article by Rosemary Righter: A charter for Africa's barefoot entrepreneurs - .

Government-led “solutions” for Africa, if I may adapt a Blair slogan, look Not Forward, But Back. We should be asking, instead, how best to bring capital and skills together to help these anything but passive “masses” to do better what millions of them, considering the circumstances, already do surprisingly well. That is why Enterprise Solutions to Poverty*, the short report by the Shell Foundation, should be required reading in Downing Street. This report makes no claims to originality — indeed, it modestly attributes much of its wisdom to Adam Smith. This is a young foundation, at the beginning of a learning curve. But its thinking is hearteningly original. Think of this report as The Barefoot Entrepreneur’s Charter, and you will get the flavour.

Download the Shell Foundation report here. I found out about this in the Net Impact CSR Weekly. You'll have to join to subscribe.