What Really Matters is Making a Difference
A Good Idea Finally Finds a Good Home

Unexpected Activities in the Usual Places

Today's Trendcentral email newsletter from Youth Intelligence has observations of two fashionable hot spots where the unexpected happens. First at the boutique:

Owned by designer/artist Kime Buzzelli, this Echo Park style incubator is one of the most creative stores we’ve encountered in our travels. Each month, themed installations (e.g. dolls, circus, sleep) fill the store with new, and usually handmade, clothing and objects. For the opening parties on the first Saturday of every month, people arrive in hip, fancy dress and DJs spin records. While Show Pony is more about art than commerce, we won’t be surprised if alumni of this shop end up at New York Fashion Week someday.

Show Pony, 1543 Echo Park Avenue, Los Angeles, CA (Echo Park)

They're also spotlighting a Japanese bar called SuperDeluxe which seems to release its space for artists to take over and create events after-hours. (www.super-deluxe.com)

How can we apply this idea? Maybe the Brown Book Shop would let us party there...naah.