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One of the best reads on the internet is Grant McCracken's This Blogs Sits at the Intersection of Anthropology and Economics. I laughed out loud twice during the post below.

Link: Asians of America.

I was sitting in his tiny, chilly living room. Jetlagged, disoriented, and freezing, I was asking slow pitch questions in the hope of slow pitch answers. Something I could hang on to. Dream on, Grant. This is China. “So why didn’t you want to live close to your grandson?” I bleated. “I don’t want to be a wise old man,” he explained. Hui said he did not wish to be stuffed into the conventional notions that await the elderly. He was, he said, curious about retirement without “retirement.” He was happy to be a “friend” to his grandson. He just didn’t want to be his “grandfather.” Who knows what we are looking at here? I am no China expert. (I do labor to make this clear to my clients but they send me anyhow.) It looks like the virus of individualism.

Grant is one of the best observers of culture we have, partly because he's always observing himself observing the culture.