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Post-Conference Dilemmas

Following up with people you met at a conference is always going to be challenging. Surely the whole point of beginning a personal relationship is negated by sending out a one-size-fits-all followup email and/or package.

In her column at ClickZ, Karen Gedney discusses a followup model developed by 2Value Consulting and its principal Ranan Lachman. (I'm not linking 2Value because they are a biotech consulting firm, not a marketing firm. Their agency is Impact2. What's with 2?) They created an email newsletter that was easily customized to different segments and included a section at the top for a personal message.

The response rate to this personalized newsletter is usually 10%, and that's apparently without time-consuming followup phone calls. What a wonderful way to 'activate' your new contacts after a conference!

An opt-in device for permanent subscription to the newsletter should be included.