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The New York Times > Arts > Critic's Notebook: Buzzing the Web on a Meme Machine

In the NY Times article linked above (free for seven days after publishing, free reg. required), Sarah Boxer looks at the continuing excitement about 'memes' or ideas that can spread from mind to mind. Many internet-based promoters hope they can use these 'idea viruses' to increase the popularity of web sites or products.

Seth Godin did an excellent job describing the 'idea virus' long ago, and one of the more appealing things about it is that it really runs on the merit of the idea. Oh, you can lodge an idea in people's minds with a sufficient amount of money or a sufficiently outrageous publicity stunt, but for people to spread your meme for free, it has to be something they value, if even for a moment. It must be fun to be a meme.

Thanks to Tim Manners of Reveries for the sighting.