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Relationship Building vs. Networking

Fast Company | Winning the Relationship Game
In this article we have a deep dive into the reality of business life. In this Fast Company article from the back of the book, David Lidsky interviews verteran business people who understand how challenging it can be to build relationships. Networking is pretty much dismissed.

Finding what motivates people is important, but then you have to develop trust. The best way to do that is to continue to show in a "persistent, predictable, and consistent" way, as [Jerry] Acuff [author of The Relationship Edge in Business] puts it, that you're someone worth having a relationship with. The method that often best lets people know that you're not solely self-interested is to give away good ideas before you've made a deal.

Friendship in business is different than a personal friendship but it still involves respect and reliability. If you are straight with people, they remember if for a long, long time.

Business isn't high school, where snubs fester. As long as there was no reason that you didn't speak with someone over the years, you can restart the connection. "I recently traded emails with Fred Wilson, a VC I had pitched back in 1995, over some things we each had on our blogs," says [Craig] Danuloff [of Pre-Commerce Group]. "He remembered me from back then, and we've reestablished some contact. The maintenance requirements aren't that high."