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Innovation Resources

  • Innovators Guide
    A directory of useful sites for innovators
  • BIF Speak
    Supporting annual conference of The Business Innovation Factory in Providence, RI
  • Core77 Industrial Design
    Articles, discussion forums, events, portfolio hosting, job listings, database of design firms, schools, vendors and services
  • Creative Think
    Roger von Oech, author of A Whack on the Side of the Head
  • Creativity & Innovation
    Keith Sawyer is a scientist who studies creativity. Author of Group Genius (2007)
  • Doc Searls Weblog
    Researcher and one of four authors of The Cluetrain Manifesto
  • Doors of Perception
    John Thackara sets up conferences in which citizens, designers, and grassroots innovators explore sustainability.
  • How to Change the World
    Guy Kawasaki busts the myths of entrepreneurship
  • Innovation News from Google
  • John Robb's Weblog
    Skating to where the puck will be... (changing face of global economics, political power)
  • Joi Ito's Web
    Changes in intellectual property law and social media
  • Conceptual Trends and Current Topics
    Kevin Kelly's blog on current trends and conceptual topics
  • kottke.org
    Jason Kottke on solving problems by applying psychology in a visual & functional context (and leveraging technology and culture)
  • The Laws of Simplicity
    John Maeda wrote the book Laws of Simplicity then became President of the Rhode Island School of Design
  • The Long Now Blog
    explore whatever may be helpful for thinking, understanding, and acting responsibly over long periods of time
  • Mental Floss blog
    Editor-in-Chief Neely Harris describes the tone of Mental Floss best in the editor's letter: the magazine "peppers educational content with 3rd grade humor"
  • PeterMe
    Peter Merholz, co-founder & President of Adaptive Path, which hosts UX Week
  • Principled Innovation
    Jeff De Cagna, chief strategist and founder of Principled Innovation LLC, and the association community’s leading voice for innovation
  • Scripting News
    Dave Winer: "The father of modern-day content distribution." - PC World. Also squeaky wheel extraordinaire
  • Seed magazine
    Science is culture
  • TEDBlog
    Ideas worth spreading
  • Institute for the Future
    Committed to building the future by understanding it deeply

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