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In a recent issue of INC. magazine, Nicholas McGill gave a wonderful summary of great CRM habits. Even if you are a high-powered salesperson at a big company, you have to be maintaining your personal contact network, and these tips show the way. I have re-framed his points in my own language because I totally agree and I want to have them seared into my own brain. 

INC.: Managing Connections Is Now an Essential Life Skill. Step Up Your Hustle With These 7 Tips, 2017-May-16 by Nicholas McGill 

It may shock you that the linchpin to having more influential relationships rests not in some secret funnel app or technology but, rather, a deeper commitment to some basic fundamentals of contact management. These relationships are your opportunity farm. Maximizing your results often comes down to simply being a better steward than the rest of the crowd. So let's get to work. 

So here is my recap of Nicholas' wisdom:...   CRM to Save Your Life

  1. Get a good tool... Not Outlook or Gmail or Apple Contacts... because noting the activities is just as important as recording contact data. 
    1. You can keep it simple, like Streak for Gmail or Less Annoying CRM or Insightly... 
    2. Baseline: you must to be able to schedule a 'next task' every time you touch a contact, with a due date. 

  2. When collecting information, getting the name, and email or phone is NOT enough (and less is disastrous). If you can't get employer, title, interests or more, then at least write down where/when/why you met the person. 

  3. Prefer the personal email address and mobile phone if you can collect it. Business information is changing faster than ever. 

  4. Capture the story. Having a name with no context means making a 'cold call' later. 

  5. Watch for noteworthy tidbits. These will reawaken the spark. Better write them down ASAP because they fade SO fast. 

  6. Social media accounts rise and fall. When you first connect with someone on a social platform like LinkedIn or Facebook, you can probably collect their email address (which is probably a personal one), right after the connection is established. This will be crucial when their account lapses two years later. 

  7. Each time you meet the person IRL (in real life), update their record with details and personal anecdotes. Even if you don't reconnect for years, those memories will reawaken the connection. 

More from Nicholas McGill:

Every meeting reveals something new about the needs, interests and desires of one of your contacts. If a meeting doesn't, you are talking too much and asking too few questions. You should review and reflect on your meetings by jotting a few notes in your CRM.... 



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