How Amazon leads their customers, reported by Neil Perkin
What are people's benchmarks in store experiences?

How to drive your customers away, the way Amazon and Overstock do

Most of us don't mind when an online store offers us a discount to buy before a deadline. We get that they know we may drift away and forget them. But ever-changing prices erode our confidence that we can find a fair deal. Jerry Useem has a great article about how it's growing and why. His article ends with an amazing interview with Executive Director of a nonprofit that works to protect consumers from deceptive marketing. This woman is also a mother who is responsible for buying things for her family. Do read the article, even if you're a consumer and not a business owner. 

And finally, devious pricing games (or tests, as they are called) will actually drive loyalty toward more reliable and transparent companies. Good bye Amazon, hello Everlane. 

The Atlantic: How Online Shopping Makes Suckers of Us All, 2071-May by Jerry Useem

“I do not shop,” Patten said.

In what sense?, I asked, confused.

“I just gave up,” she said. “I just stopped shopping.”

I thought about this after we hung up. Maybe it was a function of her job, which let her see too much. Maybe she was a certain type—“survival shopper” was the label she used—who simply didn’t experience the thrill of finding a pair of $30 moccasins for $8. Such thoughts helped stay the alternative explanation, the one Gabriel Tarde called “the madness of doubt”: that there’s a finite amount of uncertainty we can absorb, a limit to how much we can check the ticker to see whether the Swiffer’s price is up or down this morning; that somewhere in us is a shut-off point, and that Patten had hit it.



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