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Are Facebook, LinkedIn and Gmail CRM killers?

Two trends are coming at CRM from different directions. Many small businesses are integrating extensions into Gmail that turn it into a CRM. From the other direction, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. are refusing to allow their products to integrate with CRM's forcing people to link out of the CRM to engage their customers there. 

CRM's will evolve, no doubt about it, but I pity the company that relies on Facebook or LinkedIn to stay connected with their customers. Neither of those platforms will ever support companies, instead they both have track records of exploiting their users and advertisers. The Gmail trend is different and probably valuable. If a young company is using all Google-based products and can cobble together a CRM out of Google tools, that makes sense. Although I wouldn't let my business become too dependent on one platform. 

A good CRM platform allows us to own our customer information. Integrating information from Facebook and LinkedIn is a necessary pain, but one we have to endure to secure our relationships. You have been warned!

VentureBeat Sponsored Post: CRMs are dying — and that’s a good thing, 2017-Apr-4 by Victor Iryniuk, Nethunt CRM 

(Note: the words below come from an advertisement in native form. VentureBeat does a good job of making that clear.)

You might not have noticed it, but a drastic shift in CRM systems already happened once before. No system left standing exists without some sort of integration with other services that your company uses — such as a website, a messenger platform, or a social network.

But what we’re seeing now is the next transformation of integrated CRM apps. Many popular communication services are not only integrating with these systems but are starting to exercise the same capabilities previously associated with CRMs. And since these services are already the choice of a modern sales team, they might become new focal points of customer relationship management.



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