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Why I'm still blogging

Back in 1996, no one was talking about the topics that interested me. At least, no one who I knew personally. Going out on the internet, I could find people covering the topics... customer community, data integrity, thoughtful consumption. And I could engage with those people--sometimes. But no one wanted to WORK with me. 

Over the following ten years I occasionally worked on building a community. FastHouston, Creative Houston, CUCSTX. Nothing cohered. A few people would gather, and when pressure came, they fell apart again. 

I love to work on ideas. On making them concrete. Most people want their reality unimpeded with ideas. Ideas make you question reality. Is this the best we can have? The best we can do? Are we being true to ourselves? Does what we do match what we say?

Blogging gives me a space to provide my ideas and to test them against observations. I don't have to depend on some other person being interested. Sharing my ideas would be pretty worthless if I couldn't observe places and instances where they seem to manifest. I ask that you compare my ideas with your own observations.

If I have helped another person find insight or meaning, I'll have accomplished something. I hope that's you.


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