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Sometimes there's something you know but you need to hear it in a new way, in a way that it sticks out better in your thinking. Sometimes you need to hear it several different ways until you think, I KNOW this... why don't I act like I know it??  Tq131118db

I bought Brooks Palmer's Clutter Busting a couple of years ago, and it helped. Now I'm reading about Marie Kondo's The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up. But what's really sticking out are the remarks by economics journalist Tim Harford, who rephrases things into the format of behavioral economics. 

1. Status quo bias: the tendency to let things stay. When my kids were teenagers I fought this at the doorway, occasionally refusing to let things, especially things they had received, but didn't really want, even come into the house. 'Cause I knew they'd stay forever. 

2. Diminishing returns: Classic 'too much of a good thing.' Especially clothes and books. This is hard to combat unless we use a one-in, one-out rule. 

3. Opportunity cost: The more we have, the more we've got to take care of. Even if we don't buy more storage space, we still pay the price... 

The Undercover Economist: Why more and more means less, 2015-Jan-6 by Tim Harford

...there’s also the cost of being unable to appreciate what you have because it’s stuck at the bottom of a crate underneath a bunch of other things you have...


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