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How creatives can turn the weakness into power

I highly recommend this entire article by Ted Leonhardt on how creatives can stop caving in when they feel vulnerable and use the feeling to establish human connections. Twenty years ago, the accusation that I was "taking business too personally" nearly wrecked my life, until I realized it's an advantage to everyone that I take my work personally. My work is much better for it. We can stand up for the work, as well as for ourselves.

Dexigner: Worth It, Using Creative Vulnerability to Enhance Expertise, 2014-Jun-1 by Ted Leonhardt

Creatives are more open to their personal vulnerabilities. Our work is personal. Naturally, our self worth and identity are in question when fees or assignments are negotiated. We're more likely to give in when we should stand strong. You must prepare for those feelings....

[On speaking to an unfamiliar group]:

I could have adopted a power stance: dressed in Armani, ignored my butterflies and summoned my voice of authority. These are methods I've used to get past feeling anxious. Now I think of them as: denial dressed in a great suit faking loud. And I know that many in the audience see through them. I now know that admitting my stage fright, moving into my expertise, I'll speak comfortably. And although an expert, be accepted more readily because I showed that I too struggle with these issues.


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