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Heath Brothers' most recent book compiles decision-making wisdom

I confess I haven't had time to read the most recent book from Chip and Dan Heath, Decisive, but I've looked at the workbook, and it's clear they've done a good job of compiling the latest wisdom around decision making from Daniel Kahneman and others. I'm going to read it soon, and let me know if you'd like to work through it together. 

USA Today: A witty guide to good decisions, 2013-Apr-18 by Kerry Hannon

Here's a sampling of the Heath's insightful advice.
• It's easier to spot a narrow frame from the outside–watch for it as a decision adviser. "Whether or Not" decisions should set off warning bells.
• Have the discipline to consider the opposite. To gather more trustworthy information, we can ask disconfirming questions. Law students: 'Who were the last three associates to leave the firm? What are they doing now? How can I contact them?"
• Common hiring error: We try to predict success via interviews. Should we nix the interview and offer a short-term consulting contract?


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