When it comes to CRM--"No single event has very much value."
Amazon continues making itself indispensable

You and your customer rate the relationship together

Tq140708sdCustomers have many ways to rate your service. Are you giving them the opportunity to bond with you or to victimize you? Recently, I had to meet some friends at a bar I'd never seen. So to set my expectations, I decided to look at the reviews on Yelp. I was surprised to see how many people had blown up minor service errors into major attacks. I'm willing to bet they wouldn't have looked the bartender or bar owner in the eye and said the same thing. They would have been forced to deal with their mutual humanity. Take every opportunity to interact with your customers and see how they feel. Don't wait until they've moved on and look back.

New York Magazine: Uber Anxiety: When Your Car Service is Judging You Back, 2014-Jun-4 by Kevin Roose

In a way, Uber’s bilateral rating system is an overdue equalizer. Businesses have lived and died on their Yelp reviews for years, and the ability to punish bad service has always been completely in the customer's hands. That's still the case in some industries. (A dry cleaner has no way to warn other dry cleaners about a rude or annoying customer, and there’s no centralized database for restaurants to compare notes on bad tippers.) But now, on peer-to-peer services like Uber, Lyft, and Airbnb, both buyer and seller have an incentive to be on their best behavior. In a bilateral feedback universe where past behavior determines who's willing to serve you, a bad rating can be hugely influential. (Imagine getting the worst seat at every restaurant you step into, because you once yelled at a server.)


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