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Finding a better way out of stressful situations

Whenever I have easy, unexpected success, I always assume I know why, and I'm usually wrong. Success is not as informative as failure.

Always on Purpose: The REAL reason you’re stressed out: It’s not why you think, 2014-May-8 by Amy Eliza Wong Tq140618sd

Fast forward to the vision you’d like to be true whenever that future state for you is. Tomorrow? Two months? Three years? See the perfect scenario that would make you happy. Now tell the story backwards and explain to yourself how the current situation was absolutely necessary, absolutely on purpose, to get you to this vision.

Painting backwards is AWESOME because it doesn’t just remove the stress from the current circumstance (i.e. the imagined future state) but it puts the current situation in a light where you automatically shift into gratitude and purposefulness. And in my book, that’s WAY more enjoyable than stress.


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