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May 13, 2014


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  • After getting an MBA in Marketing for Columbia University, Theresa began her career at Ogilvy & Mather on the advertising account for Compaq Computers. There she discovered how much she enjoys using data and technology to surmount marketing challenges. In addition to Compaq and various technology accounts, she participated in the winning and management of the home-decorating account Deck The Walls. During her last year at Ogilvy, she doubled the size of her team and their assignment.

    Theresa has served diverse companies but always done her best work when she could uncover fresh data about customers, opening up new marketing opportunities. At Service Corporation International, she found that people who buy prearranged funerals aren't thinking about dying, they're thinking about controlling their future, with plans to buy many more things. On assignment at Griffing & Company accounting, she discovered their accountants were loved by customers for surprising reasons that led to new consulting opportunities. She has come to believe there is no business that can't benefit by digging deeper into its existing relationships.

    At Microcomputer Power, CGI, Shell and Service Corporation International, Theresa was responsible for managing complex marketing databases that served a sales force. Collecting and configuring data for use by sales people has become a passion. She has managed and installed several customer relationship management systems, and excels at producing alignment between marketing and sales staff.

    When strategizing new marketing initiatives, Theresa focuses on building a sustainable system which will allow the organization to continuously improve its marketing, building a base of profitable customers. Today she is working as a marketing consultant, launching a startup called Steady CRM, and also developing the first alumni loyalty program for Columbia University using a regional pilot program.

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