Technology-accelerated marketing from Airbnb is hot, volatile stuff
Hacking confidence

Making networking meaningful

I wish I could find the story about Jenny Lawson Tq140425 going to an event at a bookstore where she was supposed to meet people, and she crawled under the table to hide. But the words "hiding" "under the table" and "bookstore" seem to occur too frequently on her blog. Anyway, it was hysterical, as usual.

I am making a pledge to follow her lead and focus on connecting with people. It's hard to remember who you met if you didn't learn something interesting about the person. So each person you meet, you have to FIND something memorable about them. Or you could just take Jenny's new approach...

The Bloggess: Secret Code Word, 2014-Apr-6 by Jenny Lawson

Whenever I’m at large events and I’m asked to write my name on those “HELLO, MY NAME IS” stickers I instead write ”Watermelon is the secret code word.”


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