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Marketing is about using data in the context of your customers lives

Is there any human behavior that can't be explained by pattern making?

As a person who's never been in love with practice, I'm beginning late in life to understand its power. Repetitions strengthen muscles and memory. The patterns feed the mind. Superstitions are efforts of the mind to find patterns where none exist, although many athletes put them to work as cues to fall into a desired behavior. As we work to improve the quality of life, we have to focus on our patterns. Do you have the patterns you need and desire?

Aeon magazine: Why we love repetition in music, 2014 by Elizabeth Hellmuth Margulis

Tq140414...‘musicalisation’ shifts your attention from the meaning of the words to the contour of the passage (the patterns of high and low pitches) and its rhythms (the patterns of short and long durations), and even invites you to hum or tap along with it. In fact, part of what it means to listen to something musically is to participate imaginatively....

Repeated exposure makes one sound seem to connect almost inevitably to the next, so that when we hear ‘What is love?’, ‘Baby, don’t hurt me’ immediately plays through our minds. Few spoken utterances contain this irresistible connection between one part and the next. And when we do want bits of speech to be tightly bound in this way – if we’re memorising a list of the presidents of the United States, for example – we might set it to music, and we might repeat it. Listening seems musical when the current bit of sound feels like it’s inextricably pulled to the next bit of sound. Repetition intensifies this effect.


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