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The Care and Feeding of Facebook Pages

Last week, I was showing someone how to use the Facebook Page I help manage for our club. Tq130626hd2Then he said "so whenever I post an announcement to our Page, then everyone who liked the page sees the post in their newsfeed." Umm, no. "Well, if they're checking their feed, they'll see it?" Umm, not necessarily. What the following article explains is the fact that, in order for Facebook updates to fight their way through the competition and become visible, some person (not an automated tool) needs to be CARING for the Facebook Page. Yes, it's like having another pet to take care of. Sigh.

Marketing DoDo: The Fastest Way to Destroy your Facebook Marketing, 2013-May by Chris G.

You NEED to grow your Edgerank and at the same time grow the number of Likes....

Content is KING!

The best way to do so is using CONTENT.

Post content that engages users and encourages them to like, share and comment.

Ask questions, use images, and engage with your users.

Remember it is not about the number of likes you get to your page. It is about the interaction that they have.

The more interaction the greater your “Reach”. The greater the “reach” the more people see your posts and the greater the chance that people interact with your content.

#1 AVOID Facebook Ladders [cross-posting gimmick] like the plague! #2 Post at least 1 piece of Quality content every day. #3 Be Consistent. #4 Reply and Like ALL comments. #5 Find Facebook Pages in the same target market. #6 Contact the owners and build a relationship!


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