How to find better ways to give
Using emotional intelligence to drive innovation

Context trumps automation...

When we move up to the next level in management, we'll be able to use computer data to help us do a better job.

HBR Blogs: Algorithms won't replace managers but will change everything about what they do, 2013-Dec-20 by Walter Frick

Walt Frick: What skills keep that human from being replaced?

Tyler Cowen: People who can judge that there’s more to the matter than the software can grab; people who can judge the fact that there’s a need for a different kind of software for the problem; people who know when to leave the software alone and get out of its way.

Those are difficult to acquire and often quite intangible skills, but I think they’re increasingly valuable. You can think of other professional areas, like law or medicine, where you let the software do a lot of the work but you can’t uncritically defer to it. Software is bad at common sense in a lot of ways and it misses a lot of context. It’s people who can provide context.


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