More reasons to be proud of Houston: Wozny, Jones, Carrithers, and Newman collaborate for higher meaning in dance #li
Feed your audience great story-telling pictures #li

The best way to handle change is lead it. #li

In marketing, the ongoing challenge is the commodification of everything. Our clients are constantly trying to reduce us to items they can place in a pigeon-hole. Easily compared. We have to stand up for our unique contribution. It Take Courage by Brian Solis, 2011-Mar-28

..., the truest, most genuine ans­wer that I can share is that…to bring about change does not take tech­no­logy, it takes cou­rage. And, this is why change is not a com­mo­dity. Change is not easy nor is it for­mu­laic. But I can say this with the utmost con­vic­tion, and it is yours to define.


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